accentIf you are viewing this page, then you are from Toontown and might have never experienced a virtual community utilizing Blaxxun technology.

To visit my worlds you need a browser plug-in which will allow you to interact in the virtual world. Please save to disk and install Blaxxun Contact

If you use IE6 or higher... To avoid frequent crashes, you should use a different web browser while visiting the virtual worlds. Please save to disk and install Crazy Browser

When installing, please be sure that you do NOT set Crazy Browser as your default browser (but if you start using it for other sites and like it better than IE, the choice is yours - heh!).

Once Crazy Browser has been installed, please start it up and change the following settings:

In Options menu, go to Advanced Options. Click Popup Filter on the left side of the new window. Then, on the right:

bullet uncheck
Enable Smart Popup Filter

Disable Popups when browser tabs closing

Enable Popup Filter (Based on the blacklist)

You might also want to set Blank Page in the left Start Up category so you can quickly paste in the necessary URL and go. (Please revisit this page for the URL of the party site within 60 minutes of the start time) It is good to restart Windows at this point.

To test, try the following URL in your Crazy Browser:

Right-click the world to change view or switch movement types to maneuver. Navigate either via your mouse or arrow keys.

Avatars or "Avs" are what we call our bodies. While humans are the most common form, you may meet animals, objects, non-corporeal entities, and cartoon characters. URLs of recommended avatars are listed at the end of this page.

You can access the above screen to set your av and name when you first use the software. Thereafter, double-clicking your name on the right hand side in the People tab is the quickest method to bring it up. If you are from Toontown, consider entering your Toon name so others from there will recognize you.

Disclaimer: The Blaxxun Worlds or "Outers" are not of a set community with a login. You will be visiting the "artists colony" in a way; everyone hosts their own creations and can visit accentany occupied world among thousands by viewing the list in the Places tab. This means that once the party has begun, there will be additional partygoers coming to see Cogtown from neighboring worlds. Most of these regular denizens are very nice. On occasion, someone rude (usually a teen - we call them Snerts) will come to disrupt an event. Should this occur, simply right-click their name on the People tab and set ignore.

Please enjoy yourself in Cogtown! Refreshments will be served in the square and by the pond.

Avatars - Copy and paste the desired URL below into the field as shown in the screenshot above.

bullet Spongebob by Skippybrand

bullet Plankton by Skippybrand

bullet Legolas by Gammonbrat

bullet Gandolph by Gammonbrat

bullet boxing Kangaroo by Gammonbrat

bullet Horse by Gammonbrat

bullet Monkey by Gammonbrat

bullet Girl Monkey by Gammonbrat

bullet Pig by Gammonbrat

bullet Dancing Teddybear by Gammonbrat

bullet Wolf by Gammonbrat

bullet White Wolf by Gammonbrat

bullet Anime: Goku by Gammonbrat

bullet Anime: Android18 by Gammonbrat

bullet Kitty by Gammonbrat

bullet Boobee Alien by Gammonbrat

bullet Mr Spock by Kovut

bullet Captain Picard by Kovut

bullet Borg Queen by Kovut

bullet Marilyn Monroe by Kovut

bullet Elvis by Kovut

bullet Han Solo by Kovut

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